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15-Jan-2018 04:32

Men use‘pick up lines’ to help them start a conversation with a beautiful woman with minimum effort while hoping for maximum return.

After all, you just need a quick and easy conversation starter to get talking to that hot girl and if you can pull out a cute ’pick up line’ to do it for you, why not?

The minute you use a recognizable "pick up line" she slots you into the same category as all the lame guys without even giving you a chance.

The good "lines" don't follow the pattern of making a pathetic pun - in fact they're not really pick up lines at all.

With that in mind, here are a few more things to remember as you think about which pick-up lines you’re going to use.

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The kind of funny pick up lines that are good are the ones that aren't overused.

” Another great way is to use something clever and confident.

Women love a man who is confident and doesn’t take things to seriously.

Yes, it is true that many ladies perceive ‘pick up lines’ as a sign that a man has no charm or intelligence to impress a woman and uses the same phrase that someone else made up.

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The reason for this is that many ‘pick up lines’ sound antiquated and cheesy and make your intentions, to make her melt into your bed as quickly as possible, too obvious.

Disgusted that I knew guys who actually thought that these lines would work.

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